Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Charlton


Lizzie Charlton Wedding
17th August, 1899


Elizabeth Jane Charlton
& Vernon Rymer


Bride: Elizabeth Jane Charlton
Train Bearer: Lila Anthony -4 years, Brides niece

Bridesmaids L/R:
Mary Price "Molly" Charlton -17 years, Brides niece
Edith Rymer - Sister of Groom
Amy Charlton - 14 years, Brides niece
Isabella "Bella" Illingworth - 10 years, step sister of Bride


Bendigo, Victoria

The Bendigonian 24th August 1899

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Wedding Bells

The marriage of Mr. Vernon Rymer, son of Mr. J W Rymer, an old and esteemed legal practitioner of this City, junior, member of the well known firm of Messer's Quick, Hyett and Rymer, with Miss Lizzie Charlton daughter of the late Mr. Charlton of Sebastian, took place in St Paul's Church on Thursday. Ceremony being performed by the Venerable Archdeacon Mac Cullagh assisted by the Reverend Canon Carlisle of North Melbourne, an old and intimate friend of the Brides family.

The interior of the Church was tastefully decorated for the occasion. A handsome floral bell showing the Initials of the Christian names of the Bride and Bridegroom, being suspended over the Alter. The Bride, who was given away by her brother Mr. J P Charlton, looked charming in a costume of ivory satin duchesse. The skirt was made with Court train suspended from the left shoulder, and artistically draped with point-de-guise lace and tiny flower like ruching. He bodice had a transparent yoke and sleeves of embroidered lisse; the yoke being relieved with beautiful silk appliqué, a say of orange blossoms fastening the lace on one side the bodice, which was arranged fichu style at the back caught at the waist with a belt of silver pearl appliqué, finished at the right side with large rosettes and sash. The ends being embroidered in silver and gauze ruchings, tulle veil, and coronet of orange blossoms.

St. Pauls Church

She carried a beautiful shower bouquet, and a Prayer Book, the latter with a floral gift of horseshoe design, being presented to her by Mr. Smith of Melbourne as she entered the Church. Her train was carried by Miss Lila Anthony, the Brides niece. The bridesmaids Miss B Illingworth, stepsister of the bride, Miss Edith Rymer, the Bridegrooms sister, and the Misses Molly and Amy Charlton, who wore frocks of pean-de-soine silk, trimmed with pretty insertions and edgings of Honiton Lace, bodices trimmed with silver collars developing into revenes , and enclosing chemisette of finest cording and swathed belts.

They carried shepherds crooks decorated with silver wattle blossom, and streamers of ribbon. Mrs. Illingworth, the Brides mother, wore black broche of handsome design with a train, bodice trimmed with silk guipure, jabot of Tuscan lace, over a vest of finely pleated cream satin, with bonnet to match.

Mr. A G Dunlop acted as Best man, and Mr. J Rymer as Groomsman. The Church was crowded to its utmost capacity, and a large number of people assembled in the street. As the bridal party entered the Church Mr. J H Bryant, the organist played the "Coronation March" and at the conclusion of the ceremony "Mendelssohn's Wedding March".

As the newly wedded pair left the Church, the bells in the tower rang out a merry chime. The party, which was numerous, and fashionable, having taken their seats in the carriages and drays provided for them, drove through the main thoroughfares of the city to Devon Lodge, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Illingworth, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was provided.

Bendigo 1899

The house was profusely decorated with flags and flowers, as the host and hostess were most solicitous for the enjoyment of the guests, amongst whom were the clergymen mentioned above; Mr. and Mrs. Milladge, Kyneton; Mrs. Robinson; Major and Mrs. Kirby; Dr and Mrs. Quick; Mr. and Mrs. Hyett; mr. and Mrs. J P Anthony; Dr H and Mrs. Boyd; Mr. and Mrs. E Holdsworth; Mr. and Mrs. Hedley; Mr. J and Mrs. Kennedy; Mr. S Anthony; Miss Samuel; Mrs. Rae; Mrs. Potter; Mrs. Bradshaw; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cook; Miss Williamson; Mr. and Mrs. A Connell; Mr. J B and Mrs. Roberts; Miss Lasell; Mr. J H and Mrs. Abbott Jnr; and Messer's G Rae; A G Dunlop; W Crowley; and J Wills.

The Venerable Archdeacon Mac Cullagh presided and in a felicitous speech proposed the health of the Bride and Bridegroom which was drunk with much cordiality. Mr. Rymer suitably responded and proposed the Bridesmaids, on whose behalf Mr. Dunlop acknowledged the compliment.

Mr. Hedley, in a neat speech proposed the Parents, which was responded to by Mr. Illingworth, the Brides stepfather, and Dr Quick for Mrs. Rymer the health of the Reverend Canon Carlisle was duly honored and "The Ladies" was proposed by Major Kirby and responded to by Mr. W Crowley. Mr. and Mrs. Rymer took their departure from the Golden Square station by the afternoon train enroute for Adelaide, where they will catch the SS "OMRAN" for a trip around the world. A large number of friends were assembled on the platform, and as the train moved off, hearty cheers were given for the happy couple who carry away with them hearty wishes for their future health and happiness.

Bendigo Railway Station 1899


The Brides travelling dress was of pale grey cloth with a tunic, the underskirt having rows of fine cords of tomato red velvet bordering the tunic, and carried up the back to under the waist belt and bodice slightly full in front opening over a vest of folded cream satin with double revenes of velvet and cream, guipure traps of velvet over the shoulders and caught on the cloth which ended at yoke with small oblong steel buttons. Toque of red and black straw, with red poppies veiled with black lace.



In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Illingworth entertained a number of young people at their residence in honor of the occasion.
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