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The most deeply moving and spiritually connecting experience for me in the past 25 years of family history research has been to visit the final resting place of every ancestor that I can locate in Victoria and Tasmania. To stand in quiet solitude and reflect on the life of a family member who has lived and died before I was even born is a humbling moment that puts ones own life into sharp perspective.

The overwhelming majorities of grave sites are marked with a headstone or name plate of varying size and grandeur, expressing the love and loss of those who remained.

To my regret I have however found far too many sites that for reasons unknown remain unmarked.

It is my intension and strong resolve to have a simple name plate erected on these plots to give due respect and dignity to those buried within.







Mary Waterworth
neé Ward

St Kilda Cemetery
Melboune, Victoria

Mary Waterworth arrived in Melbourne on the "Barrackpore" in 1854. She died at the age of 49.
Her husband George Waterworth survived her by
34 years. Her daughter, Mary Jane Baker lived till
101 years of age.
George Waterworth and Mary Jane Baker are buried together also at StKilda Cemetery in a marked grave.


Robert Alexander Hall 1891~1891

Mary Ann Napier
neé Ennever

Arthur Norman Hall

Alexander John James Napier

Doris Victoria Hall

Melbourne Cemetery
Carlton, Victoria

Church of England
Compartment MM
Grave 496

Margaret McAlpine 1837~1900
neé Elliott

Emma Fasham 1824~1906
neé Easter

Thomas Fasham

Henry Elisha Winnett 1862~1928

William Fasham 1862~1937

Koondrook Cemetery
Koondrook, Victoria




Thomas William Fasham 1847~1932

Catherine Hester Fasham 1851~1936
neé Winnett

The Necropolis
Springvale, Victoria

Church of Christ
Section:2 Grave:16

Evalina Alice Hall
neé Napier

Charles Melbourne Hall 1859~1938

Fawkner Memorial Park
Fawkner, Victoria

Church of England Section LA

Mary Winnett 1827~1909
neé Lambert

James Winnett

Elizabeth Ann Brown 1865~1941
neé Winnet

Brighton Cemetery
Brighton, Victoria

Presbyterian Section F 203




Alice Stockdale 1867~1938
neé Baker

Boroondara General Cemetery
Kew, Victoria

Presbyterian B1890



Mary Jane Baker 1864~1945

Cheltenham Memorial Park

Church of England
Compartment 406 Grave 9


Mary Louisa Rice
neé O'Neill

Williamstown Public Cemetery
Williamstown, Victoria

RC B 2 004


David Smith

Mary Ann Smith
neé Coventry

Brighton Cemetery
Brighton, Victoria

Methodist C
Grave 54


Thomas Alfred Coventry

Cheltenham Pioneers Cemetery
Cheltenham, Victoria

Compartment B
Grave 91


William Richard Fasham

The Necropolis
Springvale, Victoria

Roman Catholic
Compartment A Section 12
Grave 19


Jane Theresa Lynch
neé O'Neill

Williamstown Public Cemetery
Williamstown, Victoria

RC C 16 004




Johanna Hellyer 1795~1857
neé Brocklebank

White Hills Cemetery
Bendigo, Victoria




William Spence McAlpine 1838~1925

Castlemaine Cemetery

unmarked public grave

G 159.5
Row 6




John Richard Lucas 1877~1883

Melbourne Cemetery
Carlton, Victoria

Church of England
Compartment Z
Grave 951



Jane Charlotte Heenan 1869~1898
neé Napier

Melbourne Cemetery
Carlton, Victoria

Presbyterian Q
Grave 338



Robert Napier 1858~1913

Melbourne Cemetery
Carlton, Victoria

Church of England
Compartment U
Grave 59



John Fasham 1851~1916

White Hills Cemetery
Bendigo, Victoria



Margaret Catherine Smith 1839~1925
neé Coventry

Melbourne Cemetery
Carlton, Victoria

Church of England
Compartment U
Grave 430



Anna Amelia Mary Fraser 1878~1956
neé Fasham

Kerang Cemetery

N 146



Mary Letitia Henry 1843~1930
neé Hall

Kew Cemetery
Kew, Victoria

Presbyterian B 1185







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