Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott
Photo taken at Thames St, Windsor
next to Windsor Castle about 1857

Edward was for a time a Bodyguard during the reign of Queen Victoria

Edward Elliott arrived in Victoria 1859 per "Ida"



The Mount Alexander Mail
Castlemaine, November 3, 1874

The remains of the late Mr. Edward Elliott, of the Railway Store, Strangways, were yesterday conveyed
to their last resting place, the Newstead Cemetery, and a larger funeral cortege has seldom been witnessed. The deceased being a Free and Accepted Mason, the members of that Order to the number
of 40, in full regalia, preceded the hearse; Bro. H. P. Webb, of Guildford, acting as Marshal, and Bro. Brown, of Castlemaine, as Tyler; P.M. Bro. J. C. House carried the sacred volume. Representatives were present from the Mackenzie, Strathloddon, and Mount Alexander Lodges, to assist their brethren of Newstead. Immediately behind the hearse followed the relatives and friends of the deceased, and as
there were no fewer than sixty vehicles, each containing two or more persons, besides thirty horsemen, some idea can be formed of the length of the cortege. On arrival at the Cemetery gates the coffin was placed on the bier, and carried to the grave by the brethren of the Order. There the service was read
by the Rev. Andrew Chambers, of the Presbyterian Church, on the conclusion of which the body was lowered into the grave, and P.M Bro. Whitney then stepped forward and read the very impressive
Masonic burial service, which was accompanied by several ancient rites and ceremonies. During part
of the service the lambskin of purity was dropped on the coffin, and each brother threw in a sprig of evergreen acacia, in token of lasting affection. At the conclusion of the service the brothers gave the
old fashioned formula of "So mote it be" and having taken a last look, departed in the same order as
they came. There could not have been less than from 500 to 600 in the vicinity of the grave, and the greatest order and decorum was observed throughout the solemn obsequies. The funeral was
conducted by Mr. W. B. Cairnes, of Castlemaine.


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