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Frances Evelyn Fasham



Frances was Flower Girl
at the wedding of
Fred & Ada Lamont



Eva kept her long hair all her life

In later years wearing it up in a bun



Eva attending Normal College Bible School


Eva seated 3rd from right at rear

Frances Fasham




Picnic at Hanging Rock

Ladies Church Group


Frances far left.


Page from an early work book




"The Monthly Message"

Armadale Baptist Church 1912




Frances with friend Beryl Acutt

Christmas 1928





A personal character reference for Frances from
the Rev.F.W. Boreham

Minister of Armadale Baptist Church


"This is to say that I have known
Miss Fasham and the family of which she
is a member, intimately for over two years.
They are all held in the highest esteem
by all who know them.."








Frances at her book store.

Melbourne Christian Book Supply

Block Place, Melbourne c.1952


Frances worked in the Christian Book trade
until retiring around 80 years of age



Christmas gift brochure from

Melbourne Christian Book Supply


Frances helped raise her neice, Margaret Fasham, after Margaret's mother, Patricia Charlton Baker, left and later divorced her husband Mervin Fasham. Frances effectivly became a grandmother to Margaret's children, Kerrie, Robyn and Randal Young.



Frances with sister, Olive Fasham


Family Picnic


To my dear Auntie, you were a kind and generous lady that prayed and cared for me my whole life. You were my other Grandmother.

I miss you greatly

Randal Young




Frances Evelyn Fasham

1895 ~ 1986



Frances Evelyn Fasham

On the 31st October 1895, Margaret Routledge Fasham gave birth to her first child. It was a little girl, and Maggie and her husband Tom named her Frances Evelyn.

Eve spent the first several years living with her parents, and eventually other brothers and sisters, around the Koondrook area on the Victorian- New South Wales border.

Within a few years the family moved to Melbourne and Eve attended Armadale State School. Although Eve left school at an early age of around 15, she achieved the distinction of being Dux of the school.

Eve attending Armadale State School c.1905

After leaving school she worked different odd jobs before opening her own drapery business in Dandenong. Eve also later worked for Love and Pollard, a drapery store in Richmond, before taking a position with Keswick Book Depot which was to signal the start of a life long career in the Christian book trade.


After some years Eve opened her own store in the Block Arcade, called Melbourne Christian Book Supply, where she worked with the assistance of her niece Margaret Fasham.

Over a period of many years Eve owned and lived in many homes around Melbourne. Although never married, Eve spent much of her time with her brothers and sisters and their families, in particular her brother Mervin’s daughter, Margaret, who she helped raise. In turn she effectively became a grandmother to Marg’s children, Robyn, Kerrie and Randal.

Eve was a dedicated Christian and attended several different churches over the different periods of her life including; Murrumbeena Baptist Church, Armadale Baptist, Church of Christ Gardiner, Nth Balwyn and East Kew Baptist’s and Nth Balwyn Church of Christ, where she was still attending well into her 80’s.






This is to certify that I have known
the applicant Miss F.Fasham for
a period of five years in con-
nection with the Murrumbeena
Baptist Church. She was for
some years a deacon of that
church and a teacher in the
Sunday-School, as well as leader
of the Young Ladies Bible Class,
and was highly respected
for the sincerity of her Christian
life, and character, and
fine devotion to duty.

(Signed) Rev Ivor W. Hopkins
Pastor Murrumbeena
Baptist Church

(Date) 18th February 1935



Eve attended Armadale Baptist c1905

see Sunday School Prizes

Eve was a tireless and dedicated worker, doing many interstate trips to Sydney and Adelaide.
For many years before her retirement she worked for S.John Bacon and Christian Press.

Eve finally retired at the age of 81 and took the opportunity to go overseas, on her own, to visit her great-niece, Robyn Young and her family in the United States.

Eve was still driving a motor car and living independently at age 81, when ill health made a nursing home necessary. While living in the nursing home in Warrandyte she would still regularly go out on Sunday's for church and to have lunch with her nephews and nieces.

Eve is remembered lovingly by her family as an extremely generous, loving and forgiving woman.

Frailty and old age finally took its toll and Eve passed away peacefully on January 2nd 1986 at
the age of 90

Frances Evelyn Fasham
31st October 1895 ~ 2nd January 1986


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