The Caroline was chartered by the Van Diemen's Land Company to be the first vessel to travel directly from England to the port of Circular Head.

The Brig Caroline was built in Calcutta from "fine teak" in 1825. Owned by Mr. Chapman and captained by Robert Hare. It was a relativity young vessel when leased by the Van Diemen's Land company to transport stock, cargo and servants to the newly established colony on the other side of the world

Early in June 1827, the Caroline sailed to Hamburg, Germany, to load specially selected sheep. Returning to Hull she docked in in the port of Hull for 10 more days. 5 fine shorthorn heifers, 1 bull, 8 horses, dogs, 24 male and 12 female servants with eighteen of their children boarded. On 17th July 1827, left the port of Hull to begin their long journey. Special containers had been built to carry the 80 tons of drinking water for the stock. This was calculated to last 150 days, ample for the journey. Although each passengers rations of victuals was recorded, no mention was made for the amount of water allocated for the servants.

The weather was not the only element hampering the journey, The brig grounded on a sand bank along the English coast, setting sail again at 5pm on the 24th July. By September 9th, the vessel was sailing the West African coast. It was here they came upon a pirate ship. luckily, the cargo held nothing to benefit the pirates. However, they did exchanged two of the Saxony rams for 2 of their own black Spanish rams.

By the 8th November the Caroline was off the Cape of Good Hope. The water supply was not enough to get them to their designation and had to call into Cape Town arriving Nov. 11th. On November 25th the transition of the journey began.

The 19th January 1828 was the day the Caroline finally arrived at Circular Head. Here, stock, provisions and some servants disembarked. The vessel then had to journey on to Launceston for a customs clearance.



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