The Convicts
1788 ~ 1818

"Before 1788 Australia was populated only by the Indigenous people of Australia - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Before 1788 there were approximately 700 languages spoken throughout Australia with an estimated population of 750,000 people."

The first English settlers arrived when an eleven
ship fleet carrying 1,350 naval officers, marines, sailors and convicts arrived
from Britain on the 26th January 1788.

The Fleet sailed from Portsmouth on
13th May 1787 via Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro & Cape Town to Sydney, taking eight months to complete the journey.




The First Families
1788 ~ 1873

In a time when sea journey's were long, dangerous and extremely unpleasant, these families steeled themselves for
the emotional upheaval of saying
goodbye and leaving other family and homeland forever.

After enduring months at sea, these
First Families slowly settled into an unfamiliar and often times
harsh environment to establish a
home and future for their children.

Without exception, all these family
groups achieved what they sought.
They all saw their children and grandchildren embrace their new
land, work hard and prosper.






In Memoriam 1

Grave site


In Memoriam 2

Grave site

Uncles & Aunts



In Memoriam 3

Grave site


In Memoriam 4

Unmarked Graves
The most deeply moving and spiritually
connecting experience


In Memoriam 5

Grave site

Lucas Family


In Memoriam 6

Grave site

Coventry Family



In Memoriam 7

Grave site

Winnett Family


In Memoriam 8

Grave site

Fasham Family








Those who served in

World War I and World War II


" HIS MAJESTY THE KING has been graciously pleased to award the
Military Medal for bravery in the Field
to the undermentioned non-commissioned officer:-

No. 449, Company Sergeant- Major








John Pascoe Fawkner

Founder of Melbourne
August 1835


Built first house on banks of Yarra River

Printed First Newspaper in Melbourne

Opened first Hotel in Melbourne

MLC - Member of Legislative Council
in Victoria's first Parliment








Captain William Downie Hall

Master Mariner

1817 ~ 1863







John Richard Lucas


Born in Tasmania, lived many years in Victoria


Married twice and had 18 children, 9 dying early


First wife drowned in 1854 floods in Northern Tasmania, presumed along with 2 daughters


John Richard dies in 1883 of injuries sustained from getting off a train at East Richmond
station whilst it was still in motion.










The children of Richard Lucas & Elizabeth Faulkner


Ann Lucas
1816 ~ 1890
William James Coventry

John Richard Lucas
1817 ~ 1883

Sarah Porter
Susanne Wilson

Amelia Sophia Lucas
1820 ~ 1894
Thomas Hollis Stace

Mary Louisa Lucas
1822 ~ 1823

William Pascoe Lucas
1824 ~ 1872
Sarah McGorie

Nathanial Lucas
1826 ~ 1888


James Lucas
1830 ~ 1914
Matilda Flavilla Henwood


Alfred Anguish Lucas
1832 ~
Beatrix Reid

Walter Charles Lucas
1835 ~ 1913
Elizabeth Sproul







Edward Elliott's Bible


Edward Elliott was born in Enniskillen,
Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in 1835 to
parents, John Elliott, Innkeeper, and
Margaret Routledge.

Edward was for a time a Body Guard to
Queen Victoria
(see photo below taken at Windsor Castle)

Edward arrived in Victoria in 1859 per 'Ida'
and settled at Strangways where he ran
the Railway Store.

Edward died in October, 1874, just 1 month
after his niece, Margaret Routledge McAlpine
was born at Strangways to his sister,
Margaret Elliott & William Spence McAlpine




Edward Elliott's

Edward Elliott
Died Oct 31st 1874
in the 39th year of his age
he is not dead
Just gone Before





Edward Elliott


1835 ~ 1874


The remains of the late Mr. Edward Elliott, of
the Railway Store, Strangways, were yesterday conveyed to their last resting place, the Newstead Cemetery, and a larger funeral
cortege has seldom been witnessed. The deceased being a Free and Accepted Mason,
the members of that Order to the number of 40,
in full regalia, preceded the hearse; Bro. H. P. Webb, of Guildford, acting as Marshal, and Bro. Brown, of Castlemaine, as Tyler; P.M. Bro. J. C. House carried the sacred volume.
Representatives were present from the Mackenzie, Strathloddon, and Mount Alexander Lodges, to assist their brethren of Newstead.







Thomas Elliott



Mayor of Castlemaine






Maggie Charlton


A merry Christmas

with love from Maggie

Dec. 1906










William Spence McAlpine


1838 ~ 1925

Born in Scotland, William Spence arrived in Castlemaine, Victoria in 1873 at the age of 35 to join his wife and son who had preceded him 6 years earlier.

After the death of his brother-in-law Edward Elliott in 1874 (see above)
William Spence became the Licencee
of the Railway Store at Strangways.

William Spence McAlpine died in the Benevolent Asylum, Castlemaine and is buried in an unmarked public grave at Castlemaine Cemetery, Campbells Creek.









John Young


1833 ~ 1920

William & Margaret's son, John Young, married Sarah Spence (daughter of Francis & Mary Spence) in Launceston in 1859 at the Indepenent Chapel in Tamar St Launceston. They eventually moved to Deloraine. They occupied a house in Barrack St while John worked at Mond’s Flour Mill. Later he bought a 45 hectare property in Barrington against the
White Hawk Creek.



John Young with daughter, Elizabeth
at the Barrington farm





Francis Spence


1839 ~ 1917

Francis Spence was born in Launceston, Tasmania, the 4th born child to parent's Francis Spence & Mary Clapham who themselves had arrived in 1828 as
Indentured Servents to the

Van Diemen's Land Company.

Francis married Agnes Young and had 6 children. Their last 2 children, twin girls, Elizabeth Adelaide and Agnes Cecilia both
died in 1870 within 2 months of birth.

Agnes died 2 years later in 1872 at the
young age of 36 years.

Francis lived until the age of 78 years, spending his final years with his eldest daughter,
Lilly Broxam at her home in Lapoinya,
North West Tasmania




In Flowerdale's lonely graveyard.
Beneath a cold, cold sod,
There lies my darling father,
Resting in peace with God.
The flowers upon his grave
May wither and decay,
But the love for my dear old father
Shall never fade away.

Inserted by his loving daughter, L Broxam, Lapoinya.
The Burnie Advocate 1923




Lillian Louisa Spence


1859 ~ 1936

Lilly Spence was the first born child to Francis Spence and Agnes Young in
Launceston, Tasmania 1859

Lilly married William Broxam in 1878 and together had 10 children


This photo was taken on the occasion of Lilly's 67h Birthday in February 1926,
at the home of her daughter, Annie Beatrice Broxam Cadien in Aspendale, Victoria.


courtesy of Lee Basinski




Christmas 1928,
Lilly at the home of her daughter, Annie Beatrice Broxam Cadien
in Aspendale, Victoria.

courtesy of Lee Basinski




Christmas 1928,
Lilly at the home of her daughter, Annie Beatrice Broxam Cadien
in Aspendale, Victoria.

courtesy of Lee Basinski






The Nepaul

John Faulkner

John Pascoe Fawkner

Elizabeth Fawkner


Mystery of a
Ruined Mansion


Cannibalism of
William Coventry


Matilda Baker


Annie Baker

The Family of
John Young

The Family of
John Young 2

David Young
50th Birthday 1931

Monty Young
and Family



Ivor, Neil, Jack & Don McInnes


A photo post card sent to Bert Hall from his older sister, Elsie McInnes, showing his nephew's,
Ivor, Neil, Jack, Don McInnes

while Bert was serving in WW1



The letter to Bert on the reverse side written by sister, Elsie

Dear old Bert....

Read letter






Lizzie Charlton




...The interior of the Church was tastefully decorated for the occasion. A handsome floral bell showing the Initials of the Christian names of the Bride and Bridegroom, being suspended over the Alter. The Bride, who was given away by her brother Mr. J P Charlton, looked charming in
a costume of ivory satin duchesse. The skirt was made with Court
train suspended from the left shoulder, and artistically draped
with point-de-guise lace and tiny flower like ruching...









Horse & Carriage



George & Mollie Baker
with daughter, Patty
and Annie O'Neil

in a 1912-1913 Jackson

Florence St Perth 1913






Harry Coventry




Harry Coventry outside
his Latrobe Pharmacy






The Young's




Wes & Joyce Young







Ronald Young

1849 ~ 1889



INQUEST An inquest was held on Monday, at the Hospital, before Mr. E. Whitfeld, coroner, upon the body of Ronald Young, aged 38 years, who died from injuries received in falling from the balcony of the General Hospital.


Launceston General Hospital






Marine Terrace, Burnie








“The Alleged Child- Murder Case.
A Sensational Ending”


Christchurch Press April 23, 1907

“The alleged child-murder case came to a
sensational end yesterday.

The accused, Alfred Hellyer, after appearing at the Magistrate’s Court in the morning, was taken
violently ill
in the police cells in the afternoon,
and was removed to the Hospital, where he died shortly before eight o’clock. Death, it is
understood, was by poison


courtesy of Bob Stewart



Alfred James Gore 'Jim' Hellyer





Hellyer's in
New Zealand



courtesy of Bob Stewart


Freda Hellyer



Alfred & Harry Hellyer



Harry & Lil Hellyer



Thomas Smith
1841 ~ 1927

Thomas Smith was born at
Huon River, Tasmania in
May 1841 to parents,
John Smith & Mary Ann O'Brien




Thomas married
Amelia Hannah Coventry at Wattle Grove, Huon, Tasmnia
in 1861 in a joint wedding.
Thomas' brother, David Smith married Amelia's sister,
Mary Ann Coventry on the same day

Thomas & Amelia were to
have 12 children

Thomas died in 1927 at 86 years of age.

Thomas & Amelia are buried at Wivenhoe Cemetery, Burnie.







George Chambers Winnett
& Family






Normal College


Miss Frances Evelyn Fasham attended the

Sunday School Union of Victoria's

Normal College










Ron & Ivy Young

Ron & Ivy were married at
Albert Park in 1928 after Ron
moved to Melbourne from
Burnie, Tasmania.

From 1933 to 1936 Ron & Ivy
owned the General Store at
Toolern Vale.

In 1939 they owned a lollie shop
in Plenty Rd, East Preston. In
1940 they both worked for
Sheldon's Drycleaning with Ron
a delivery driver and Ivy working
in the shop.

They lived for over 40 years at
198 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn.



Ronald & Ivy Young




Ron & Ivy Young

Toolern Vale

From 1933 to 1936 Ron & Ivy
owned the General Store at
Toolern Vale.



Ronald Young with son, Geoff Young
Toolern Vale Store 1935




Mollie's Aunt,

Mary Robina "Polly" Charlton




To dear Mollie
from Auntie Polly
9-6 94

A small Church Hymn book that Polly gave to her neice, Mollie in 1894

To Patty with love
from Mother

24 years later Mollie in turn gives the Hymn book to her daughter,
Patricia Baker,in
March 1918 one month before Mollies death.




Johanna Louise 'Annie' O'Neill


1857 ~ 1930

Born at Epsom, Victoria to Henry & Sophia O'Neill, Annie grew up in the Bendigo area.

She married John Price Charlton at Long Gully
in 1881 and lived at the 'Great Frederick' gold mine at Sebastian.

John Price died in 1902 aged 40 leaving Annie
a widow of 7 living children, the youngest, Maggie Charlton just 5 years old .










Mary Price 'Mollie' Charlton


1882 ~ 1918

Mollie was born at Sebastian, a gold mining
area north of Bendigo in 1882. Her family
owning part of the 'Great Frederick' gold mine.

In 1908 Mollie married George Baker at
St Mary's church in Perth, WA.

George & Mollie had a daughter the following
year, Patricia Charlton Baker.

Mollie died in 1918 at the age of 35 years
from Tuberculosis.








The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary
Price Baker, wife of Mr. George Baker,
of Sea View-terrace, Kalamunda, W.A,
took place on Saturday afternoon last,
the 20th inst. in the Anglican portion
of the Karrakatta Cemetery, and was
very largely attended. Deceased was
the eldest daughter of the late J.P.
Charlton, of Sebastian, and Bendigo,
Victoria, and Mrs. A. Charlton, of
Perth. The chief mourners were Mr.
George Baker (husband), Mr. Les
Gaynor, Mr. C. Helm, and Mr. Vic










John Charlton


1818 ~ 1876

John Charlton arrived in Port Phillip per the "Mermaid" in 1854 with his younger brother, Robert Charlton










William & Margaret Young

Diary of William Young

from The Advocate, Tasmania 1931
by H. Stuart Dove

Almost 90 years ago, in July, 1842, there shipped aboard the Thomas Sparks sailing vessel numerous emigrants bound for New Zealand. Among them were William Young,
of Kelvin Dock, near Glasgow, his wife, Margaret Hughes, of Denbigh Co. Wales,
with a family of a son John, and two daughters, Agnes and Margaret. They
joined the vessel at Deptford, and were towed down the Thames by a tug.







Thomas Fasham


1823 ~ 1907

Thomas was born in Margate, England and was the first Fasham to emigrate to Australia in 1853 with his brother, William on the 'Walmer Castle'

Thomas was joined by his wife Emma Easter and
their 2 young sons Thomas William (see below) and John in 1856 where upon they settled in Buninyong, Victoria.

In Buninyong Tom & Emma had 3 more children; Emma Jane, Frederick Charles and William.

Tom & Emma later moved to Koondrook where they where active in many civic duties.











Thomas William Fasham


1847 ~ 1932

Born in England to Thomas Fasham & Emma Easter, Thomas arrived in Victoria in 1856 per the
'True Briton' aged 9 with his mother and younger brother John aged 5 to join their father who had arrived 3 years earlier in 1853 on the 'Walmer Castle'.

Thomas married Catherine Hester Winnett at the Weslyan Church, Buninyong, Victoria in 1871 and had 9 children.





With daughter's, Ivy & Flo






Catherine Fasham
(nee Catherine Hester Winnett)

In Remembrance card
1st August, 1936






Thomas William Fasham & Margaret Routledge McAlpine


Married at the Weslyan Parsonage
Kerang, Victoria 15th June 1895

"the day has gone, one day more, nearer to
the time when I shall see your dear little self again, when I shall be able to walk & talk with
you just the same as at Easter, Maggie!
Were they not happy hours? How happy I was those few short days no one knows. I have always a lot to say to you but when I come
down & get by your side, I forget all, save you.
Forget all the others for you Maggie, My own
true little girl" ~ 1892










Elizabeth Anne Hammet

1852 ~ 1926

Elizabeth Anne Hammet
neé Smith
with husband and 4 children






Geoffrey Ronald Young
Patricia Margaret Fasham


Married at Wattle Park Chapel
1st May, 1954








William Downie Hall

Master Mariner

1817 ~ 1863

On the 5th October 1863 while
in Bluff Harbour, New Zealand,
Captain William Downie Hall at
the age of 43, drowned. At that
time he was the Master of the
steamer "Ruby".

The drowning occured while he and
3 other sailors were in a small boat returning from the shore to the
"Ruby", which was at anchor in
Bluff Harbour.




Captain Hall

St. Paul's Island

Pirates or Pioneers

At 30 min. p.m., on passing the N.E. end of St. Paul's Island, every eye watching carefully lest there might
be any shipwrecked seamen on it,
a fire was suddenly observed to be lighted on the hill as soon as the
ship opened the bay, from which volumes of smoke and flame burst forth, causing the greatest
excitement on board our vessel, as
the thought very naturally struck us that it was a signal of distress, and
we all mentally thanked God for this seeming providence in bringing us there as a means of deliverance
to those on the island.










John Young, Sarah Spence
& Family


Archibald Young, Charlotte Smith
& Family


John Baker, Mary Ann Waterworth & Family

Charles Hall, Evalina Napier
& Family


Thomas Fasham, Margaret McAlpine & Family


William McAlpine, Margaret Elliott & Family


Alfred Montague Young
& Family


George Chambers Winnett
& Family

12 children of John Young
& Sarah Spence - 1931

Stanley Timmins, Joyce Rebeiro & Family

John Price Charlton, Johannah O'Neill & Family


Thomas Smith, Amelia Coventry & Family




Thomas Fasham & Emma Easter

Thomas Fasham & Catherine Winnett

Thomas Fasham & Margaret Routledge McAlpine

Margaret Routledge McAlpine

William Spence McAlpine & Margaret Elliott

The Charlton Family

George Baker & Mary Price Charlton

Mary Price Charlton

Patricia Charlton Baker

George Frederick Fasham & Emily Tong

Mervin Fairfield Fasham

Frances Evelyn Fasham

Hazel Elliott Fasham & James Munday

Winifred Easter Fasham & Stanley Morton

Millicent Rose Fasham & Louis Keogh

Eric Noel Fasham & Marjorie Lockwood

Olive Margaret Fasham & Dean Wilson


Bernard Arthur Young & Ruby Taylor

Lilian Charlotte Young & Charles Hays

The Hall Family

Captain William Downie Hall

Herbert Joseph Hall & Lizzie Green

Ronald Spence Young & Ivy Hazel Evelyn Hall

Geoffrey Young

Patricia Margaret Fasham

Geoff & Marg Young

Robyn & Kerrie Young



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