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In 1853 William Downie Hall married Elizabeth Pilgrim Walters at St Andrews, Gloucester, England.
William was born in Northumberland in 1820 and Elizabeth was born in Devons in 1830.

St Andrews, Gloucester

William was a sea captain and may have made a journey to Australia in the years 1852-1853.
In 1854 Captain William Downie Hall migrated to the colony of Port Phillip (Victoria) on the "Eblana". Elizabeth, for reasons unknown, arrived in 1855 at New South Wales.

William & Elizabeth's first son was Sydney Richie Hall, born in 1855. He was either born on board the ship or shortly after arrival in Sydney. This would explain why he was named Sydney.

After Elizabeth arrived, she and William and new born son Sydney moved to the small Victorian town of Buninyong. In Buninyong William and Elizabeth had their second child, Georgina Pilgrim Hall,
born in 1857, and in 1859 another son arrived, Charles Melbourne Hall. They may have given Charles the middle name of Melbourne, as they had named their first son Sydney.

It seems that for some years William Hall gave up being a sea captain to start his family. On baptism records for Georgina and Charles, William lists his profession as a Miner. Some time around 1860 it seems that William became restless with life in a small country town and returned to the sea.

Captain William Downie Hall


Baptism Register

Holy Trinity

Anglican Church - Buninyong 1859

The register shows that Georgina and Charles were both baptized on the same day,

the 14th August, 1859 by The Rev. George Russell

Georgina was 2 yrs & 1 mth old, while Charles was 4 months old

(see 3rd & 4th entry from top)

William lists his profession as a Miner living in Browns





Holy Trinity

Anglican Church

This original brick hall, completed in 1857, where the children were
baptized is still standing to this day. In 1862 this hall was replaced
by the current bluestone church





At the exact same time as William and Elizabeth were in Buninyong, another family, Thomas & Emma Fasham and their children were also living in Buninyong.
(see Thomas Fasham & Emma Easter page)

There is no evidence that these two unrelated families knew each other, however given their similar ages and the fact that 2 sets of the children were born in Buninyong in the same years:

Georgina Hall 1857
Emma Fasham 1857

Charles Hall 1859
Frederick Fasham 1859

it is highly likely that they did in fact have regular contact with each other.

It was not for at least another 97 years that these two families joined when
Geoffrey Young, ggrandson of William & Elizabeth Hall, married Margaret Fasham, gggrandaughter of Thomas & Emma Fasham, at Wattle Park in 1954.


The Buninyong School, where the Hall & Fasham children would have attended in the same years

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sydney Richie Hall
was to marry Georgina Hudson Cook in 1889. They then
settled in Emerald Hill and had 4 children.

Cyril, Mabel, Arthur (died 2yrs), Maud

Sydney Richie Hall along with his wife, Georgina Hudson Cook, their infant son Arthur, and Sydney's mother Elizabeth Pilgrim Walters are buried together at
Melbourne General Cemetery

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Georgina Pilgrim Hall married Frederick Heath in 1876. They had no children. Georgina died
at Toorak, Victoria in 1946 aged 89yrs

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

William & Elizabeth's younger son, Charles Melbourne Hall, was to move to Emerald Hill
around 1880, in what is now known as South Melbourne.

Charles was at his trade as a Bootmaker, when on the 5th April, 1883 he married
Evalina Alice Napier who had been born at Emerald Hill in 1862.

Charles & Evalina were to live in the Emerald Hill, Albert Park area for many
years having 12 children, of which 3 died. Two as infants and 1 as a child.

Elsie, Sydney, Frederick, William, Robert (died 6 mths), Harry, Herbert, Leonard,

Arthur (died 6 wks), Doris (died 9yrs), Ivy, Myrtle


Emerald Hill c.1885



Emerald Hill



South Melbourne c.1906



Evalina Alice Napier & 3 of 12 children:

Sydney, Fred & Elsie Hall


Ivy Hall with sister, Mrytle "Gypsie" Hall




Certificate of Baptism for Myrtle Napier Hall

St James Old Cathedral, Melbourne

April 9th, 1904


St James Old Cathedral c.1904


Letter to Charles Hall in 1929 while he was on a trip to Sydney. He would have been 70 at the time


Charles Melbourne Hall

Home of Charles & Evalina Hall

17 Bridport St
Albert Park




Ivy Hall in front of her parents home

Bridport St. Albert Park



Ivy Hall (on right) with sister,

Myrtle "Gypsie" Hall



Ivy Hall and sister Myrtle (in hat) with nephew's:

Ivor, Neil, Jack & Don McInnes

son's of Elsie Hall & Neil McInnes



Ivy Hall with nephew



Ivy Hall (standing centre of swing) with other
unidentified members of the Hall family,
including 2 nephews on swing




Ivy & Myrtle Hall
with two of sister Elsie's children



Two unidentified Hall brothers



Ivy Hall at Botanical Gardens

4 McInnes nephew's standing at rear left
of flowers



Ivy Hall at Albert Park Lake







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