Mary Price "Mollie" Charlton

c.1882 Sebastian, Victoria




"Little Mollie"




Mary Price "Mollie" Charlton




Mollie with brother, Robert Charlton


Mollie's Aunt,

Mary Robina "Polly" Charlton


A small Church Hymn book that Polly gave to her neice, Mollie in 1894


To Patty with love
from Mother

24 years later Mollie in turn gives the Hymn book to her daughter,
Patricia Baker,in
March 1918 one month before her death.


Mollie at a Ball



Mollie with mother,

Johanna Louise "Annie" O'Neill

and siblings. c.1909



Mollie died of TB in April 1918, at the early age of 36



Charlton Family gold mine at Sebastian near Bendigo. Brick fence surrounding several houses and buildings.

Mollie spent much of her childhood at Sebastian.


Mollie in Singapore



George Baker, Mollie &

Patricia Charlton Baker

Japan c.1913



Mary Price Charlton 1882 ~ 1918



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