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Mervin Fairfield Fasham




Mervin c.1909



Mervin was born in 1902 while his

parents, Thomas Fasham &

Margaret McAlpine, were living in

Bendigo, Victoria.

At the time of Mervin's birth he had

three older sisters:

Frances, Hazel & Winnie



Bendigo c.1902



Bendigo c.1902


Mervin Fairfield Fasham with sisters,
Winifred and Millicent


Mervin & Millicent



Mervin's father,Thomas was a keen photographer in the late 1890's. Because of Mervin's birth expences Thomas had to forgo a new camera he had been saving for. The name of the camera was a "Fairfield". Thomas didn't get his camera, so Mervin was given Fairfield as a middle name.



Mervin's Baptism certificate from
Armadale Baptist Church 1919

signed by Rev. F.W. Boreham



With my best

F.W. Boreham



Mervin with first wife, Patricia Charlton Baker



Mervin and Patricia were married at

South Yarra Baptist Church

23rd July, 1926

This church in Chapel St. South Yarra is now a restaurant.



Mervin with second wife, Elise Eaton



Mervin with his dog,"Judy"



Elise Eaton



Mervin's Office Furniture business,
Fasham & Clack
427 Lt Collins St. Melbourne




Dinner Dance

l to r:
Mervin, Pat Fasham, Graham Nisbet,
Thelma & Ron Scott, Elise



Mervin & Elise's property

Hilton Rd. Ferny Creek




Mervin Fairfield Fasham 1902 ~ 1968



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