These movie clips run in Windows Media Player for between 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

Allow 10 secs after selecting movie clip for Windows Media Player to open, and a further 10-20 secs for the movie to download.


Randal with Twins 1965
Currumbin 1969
Twins in gardens
Twins Tennis
Mervin Fasham 1966
Baby Randal 1962


Twins with Hunters
Kerrie Young 1969
Randal bath time
Randal at Balwyn
Randal on Flying Fox
Randal with parents


Keith Rosie wedding
Twins on swings
Ron & Ivy at Balwyn
Snow Trip 1963
Randal on carriage
Twins & prams


Geoff Marg
Wattle Park group
Noel & Enid wedding
Jean Ackland
behind boat

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