Baby Margaret being held by

Uncle Lou Keogh.
December 1929




Parents, Mervin Fairfield Fasham &

Patricia Charlton Baker with

baby Patricia Margaret Fasham.

December 1929



It was a warm summer’s day late in ’29
a tram brought Tom and Maggie home that day
along the Malvern line

A day in town for Christmas gifts is tiring but fun
especially when they knew this time
they’d need an extra one

At home the kids all sat around
to wait for Ma an Pa
It’ll be a jolly Christmas time
their happiest by far

Frances sat there in a chair
reading her brand new book
Stopping once to look at Eric
with a stern but loving look
He was sitting with the wireless on
waiting to hear the score
It’s that young Bradman boy again
He’s whacked another 4

Mill was resting on the couch
Lou’s not far away
That nice Wilson chap has called again
just to say G’day

Ol’ jumped up to help Ma cook
the mince was on the stove

Jim and Hazel would be here soon
in that nice new car they drove

Win sat so nicely on the floor
sewing and humming a song
Dreaming of the day that Englishman
would hurry and come along

They all sat down just then
so happily to eat
when poor old Merv burst through the door
as white as a nice clean sheet

He stood and stared at them a while
and they just all stared back
He gave a funny crooked smile
and forgot to take off his hat

He looked at Ma He looked at Pa
His head was in a whirl
He couldn’t help but blurt it out
I’ve got a brand new girl!

They sat and talked and laughed a while
till the stars where in the sky
But nothing will ever be so bright
As that twinkle
In young Merv’s eye
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Randal Young 1993


Patricia Charlton Baker

with baby Patricia Margaret Fasham.
December 1929



Patricia Charlton Baker

with baby Patricia Margaret Fasham.
December 1929



Margaret Fasham age 5


School Girl



Little Lady



Margaret at Uncle Eric Fasham's wedding



top: Keith Munday, Ken Keogh

centre: Marg Fasham holding cousin, Bruce Fasham,
Barb Keogh

front: Kerry Wilson, Noel Munday




Barbara Keogh, Margaret Fasham

Kerry Wilson




Eric, Olive, Merv, Dean, Ma, Keith, Hazel, Eva,Winnie, Stan

Kerry, Marg, Barb, Millie, Noel, Ken, Marjorie, Bruce


"Girls on the Town"

Margaret Fasham & Barbara Keogh




Margaret Fasham's 12th Birthday 1941

(Marg rear right, Barb Keogh far left,
Kerry Wilson front)

Marg's father, Merv, and grandmother, Maggie, look on from the porch

Margaret Fasham's 12th Birthday 1941


Pink Cheeks





"to celebrate the coming of age

of their daughter
















Margaret with Marie Hunter





Margaret at Warnambool






Margaret at right, with cousins,

back left: Barbara Keogh, Ken Keogh
front: Mary Keogh and Robert





Margaret 1961




Margaret 1969


Movie Tribute

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