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Ronald Spence Young

September 1919


Ivy Hazel Evelyn Hall

21st Birthday. 1922



Ronald Young & Ivy Hall

Bernard Young: Bestman

Mrytle Hall: Maid of Honour

Bridport St, Albert Park

15th September, 1928


Ronald Young & Ivy Hall


Wedding Invitation 1928


Wedding Party:

Ronald Young & Ivy Hall

Bernard Young: Bestman

Mrytle Hall: Maid of Honour

Bridport St, Albert Park

15th September, 1928



Jump in my Car

Honeymoon 1928


Ron & Ivy


Anyone for tennis?

Roaring 20's


Ron with brother, Bern



Ron & Ivy owned the General Store at Toolern Vale c.1936


Ivy at Phillip Island 1940's




Ron in Burnie, Tasmania

Christmas 1947




Ivy with Geoff & Keith




Dearest Dad & Mum,

How can I thank you for giving me such a wonderful upbringing in a Christian environment full of love and caring

Geoff Young



Ivy at her home

198 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn


Ivy with daughter-in-law,

Margaret Fasham


Christmas Lunch 1973

from left: Marg Young, Rosemary Young, Eva Fasham, Ivy & Ron Young

front: Randal Young holding Milton Young, Paula Young

To my dear Gran, thank you for all the loving memories. I'll always remember the tram rides to see Moomba. You'd carry a fruit box all the way with you just so I had something to stand on to see.

I love you

Randal Young





Ivy with grandson, Randal Young






Ronald Spence Young
1899 ~ 1983

Ivy Hazel Evelyn Hall
1901 ~ 1999




Dearest Mother,

with your great musical talent as a pianist, who did not know how to read music, but who could play anything after a few bars were hummed to her.

I still remember vividly your unexpected performance at Chadstone Shopping Centre. There was a pianist giving a recital on a grand piano with scores of people around him. You wanted to stay and listen while I went for 10 minutes. Coming back I exclaimed; "I know those tunes" - I had heard them many times over the years.

The pianist had taken a break, and you dear Ivy, had taken over his seat and away you went with all the trills up & down the key board much to the appreciation of the onlookers.

I squeezed my way thru the crowd and whispered in your ear, "Ivy, get off this piano or we will be kicked out". You took not one bit of notice, so I slid away while everyone was still clapping. But I was
so proud of you. We will meet again one day in the Glory.

Geoff Young


Dear Gran, I am remembering your life. And also Gran, I am remembering my life. Life that always had you in it. All the Sunday's we would go to your house. The cold rainy ones, when you would play the piano for us to sing. The hot summer ones, when you would take us to the park. You were a great Grandma because you would do things with us. Ride the tram to Moomba, or take us to the Anzac Day Parade. You never scolded, and you always laughed.
No matter what, you found a reason to laugh and thank God.


Robyn Young 1999


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