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Cover Page from the Twin's first photo album 1955



A Telegram from Patricia Charlton Baker to her daughter, Margaret on the birth of her twins



Robyn Margaret & Kerrie Patricia Young

April 1955



With parents, Geoff & Margaret

Wattle Park Chapel 1956



A letter received from Geoff's grandparents, Archibald and Charlotte Young on the
birth of the Twins

24 Charles St
April 27th 1955

Dear Margaret & Geoff

You can imagine how pleased we were when we first heard the news of the arrival of your dear little twins & how thankful to our Heavenly Father for His care over you in bringing into the world such a treasure that will brighten your home & cheer your hearts every day of your lives. What greater joy could you ask for than two dear little baby girls. Children are spoken of in the Bible as a heritage from the Lord, & surely they are & may they grow up in the footprints of their parents, to love the Lord & serve Him all their days. My only regret is that I cannot see them, which would give me much pleasure. We do trust Margaret, that you will soon be restored to your normal health & strength again & return home with your added responsibilities as wife & mother with God’s help.

“He giveth power to the faint & them that have no might He increaseth strength”

So we congratulate you both & trust you are well & pray that you may increase in wisdom & the knowledge of God & go on your way rejoicing every day until He calls us all Home.

With much love & best wishes & kisses to the dear little great grandchildren. From your loving

A & C Young & Aunties

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Geoff holding Robyn & Kerrie

Balwyn 1955




Kerrie & Robyn with grandparents

Ron & Ivy Young

Balwyn 1955


With parents

Geoff & Marg Young

Balwyn 1955



Robyn & Kerrie with

Auntie Eve and Marg

Christmas Day

Hampton 1955





Geoff and Marg with
Kerrie & Robyn

Wattle Park Chapel


Robyn & Kerrie with grandparents

Mervin & Elise Fasham




Robyn & Kerrie with grandparents

Mervin & Elise Fasham




"Hard Day"



"Best Twins"




"Red Hats"



Woollen Jumpers



Double Trouble



First day of school. Glen Iris 1960



Best Friends






Mirror Image



"Halcyon Days"






Flower Power



Safety Beach Vic

with Lloyd Keetly



Dromana Beach Vic.





Robyn & Kerrie

with Jill Hunter




With Ken White & Rosie White



Kerrie & Robyn

with Winkie




Sherbrook Forest 1962





Kerrie, Randal and Robyn



Botanical Gardens with brother, Randal 1965




The Brown Brick House




Sibling rivalry?

Geoff & Marg

Robyn, on left, Kerrie on right

June 1961



Kerrie & Robyn singing at Wattle Park Chapel

Marj Edwards at rear



Melbourne Town Hall 1966
Robyn & Kerrie Young singing "God is Love"



Robyn & Kerrie

Tennis lessons



Robyn,Kerrie & Randal

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour





Robyn & Kerrie with

mum, Margaret, and brother Randal





Robyn, Kerrie and Randal

Wedding of Uncle Keith Young to Rosemary Dyer

~August 1969~


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