Thomas Fasham 1823 ~ 1907



Emma Easter 1824 ~ 1906



On Wednesday night a very old colonist in the person of Mr. Thomas Fasham passed away at his residence in Koondrook. The deceased, who was in his 85th year, was born at Margate, England, and as a young man served in the navy, coming to Australia in 1853 in the sailing ship Walmer Castle.

The Margate Market as it would have been before
Tom left for Australia in 1853

The engraving above shows the old Margate Market Place that was built in 1820 on the site of the previous Market of 1777, which had been erected on the area then known as the Pier Green. The earliest recorded date of a Market in the town is 1631, during the reign of King Charles the First .

Margate Pier as Thomas & Emma would have left from in the 1850's


"Walmer Castle" ~ April, 1870

Embarkation of the 2-14th Regiment at the Railway Pier, Sandridge
Soldiers standing at attention of the pier while others are boarding the ship, a military band and spectators line the pier


Thomas Fasham came to Australia on board the "Walmer Castle" in 1853 with his brother, William Fasham.

Three years later Emma would follow with son's Thomas William and John on board the "True Briton"


"True Briton"


He worked for some little time in Melbourne at his trade- blacksmith and wheelwright; but soon settled at Buninyong where he began business as a general smith.


Trade List - Buninyong 1858

shows Thomas Fasham listed as Blacksmith






Thomas Fasham listed in 1860 as a

Subscriber to Buninyong Presbyterian Church
Building Fund


Buninyong Prebyterian Church

completed 1860



Town Hall - Buninyong



Buninyong 1862

The year William was born

Tom & Emma came to Buninyong with
2 children

Thomas William 1847 ~ 1932
John 1851 ~ 1916

A third son, Edward 1849 ~ 1851, had died at the age of 2 years 5 months. He was buried at Folkestone, England

while in Buninyong they had 3 more children

Emma Jane 1857 ~ 1929
Frederick Charles 1859 ~ 1917
William 1862 ~ 1937






Baptism Register

Holy Trinity

Anglican Church - Buninyong 1857


register shows Emma Jane

baptized on 5th July 1857

by The Rev. George Russell


(see bottom entry)





Baptism Register

Holy Trinity

Anglican Church - Buninyong 1859


register shows Frederick Charles

baptized on 16th October 1859

by The Rev. George Russell


(see 3rd entry from top)





Baptism Register

Holy Trinity

Anglican Church - Buninyong 1862


register shows William

baptized on 29th June 1862

by The Rev. George Russell

(see 3rd entry from top)



At the exact same time as Tom and Emma were in Buninyong,
another family, William & Elizabeth Hall and their children were also living in Buninyong.
(see The Hall Family page)

There is no evidence that these two unrelated families knew each other, however given their similar ages and the fact that 2 sets of the children were born in Buninyong in the same years:

Georgina Hall 1857
Emma Fasham 1857

Charles Hall 1859
Frederick Fasham 1859

it is highly likely that they did in fact have regular contact with
each other. The Hall children were also baptized in the
Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

It was not for at least another 97 years that these two
families joined when Geoffrey Young, g grandson of William & Elizabeth Hall, married Margaret Fasham, gg grandaughter of
Thomas & Emma Fasham, at Wattle Park in 1954.



Holy Trinity

Anglican Church

This original brick hall, completed in 1857, where the
children were baptized is still standing to this day.

In 1862 this hall was replaced
by the current bluestone church




Buninyong Shire Office's c.1866

Mr. Fasham, who always took a keen and intelligent interest in public affairs, was a member of the first Road Board at Buninyong, and was twice afterwards elected at the head of the poll for the Borough Council. He was a prominent member of Sir Francis Murphy’s committee and one of the foremost advocates of free education. Any proposal for the good of the community found in Mr. Fasham an able and ardent supporter.

In religious and temperance circles, he was always a prominent figure both in example and precant. He was a member of the Baptist denomination and was a life deacon of the Koondrook Baptist Church.

Buninyong c.1875


After some years spent on the goldfields Mr. Fasham was for some time farming near Echuca and finally settled in Koondrook. During the early agitation for the tramway connecting Koondrook and Kerang, Mr. Fasham was to the fore and was a long time chairman of the Koondrook committee.


Koondrook Tramway



Main St. Koondrook


His wife predeceased him by about two years. A large family mourns his departure. The deceased gentleman left four sons and one daughter, twenty-five grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.

Shortly before his death, he paid a visit to Buninyong and was received with honour by the local borough council, being the sole survivor of the original council. The cause of death was heart failure.

Buninyong Railway Station c.1890



Thomas Fasham 1823 ~ 1907

Emma Easter 1824 ~ 1906


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