William James Coventry was born at Bridgewater, Hobart in 1815, the son of
William Coventry who had arrived with other settlers from Norfolk Island in 1808. William was only a year old when his father was committed to the Supreme Court for stealing and transported to Macquarie Harbour for 7 years.

Life for the family (his mother, 2 sisters and one brother) would have been very difficult. The farm had been put up for sale in 1819, but there is no record of it being sold, so the family would have had to struggle. William Coventry was
working as a farm labourer when charged.

William James Coventry married Ann Lucas at Brighton, Tasmania, and stayed in the district until 1842.



They then went to Circular Heads where William had secured land at Muddy Creek, on the North West Coast. Here they stayed until the 1850's when they returned to Brighton. William and Ann had 13 children, 7 daughters and 6 sons.

William James Coventry & Ann Lucas

In 1874 William and Ann moved to Waratah where they stayed for the next thirty years. Seventeen of these William held the office under the Road Trust as a collector.



Ann died at Waratah on the 5th January 1890 aged 74 years. In 1904 William left Waratah to live with his daughter, Amelia, who was married to Thomas Smith. They lived at Ridgley with their 11 children.

William died on the 2nd September 1906 at his son-in-law's residence at Ridgley
at the age of 92.



William James Coventry with his daughter and son-in-law, Thomas & Amelia Smith,
9 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren




back l to r: Linda, Percy, Julia, Eva, Henry, Charlotte, Alice, Arthur Smith

front l to r: Jane holding Silvia, William Coventry, Thomas Smith, Amelia Smith (Coventry)
holding Myra





Amelia Coventry


Thomas Smith


Another of William Coventry and Ann Lucas's daughters, Louisa, married George Ginn

Louisa & George Ginn



The home of George and Louisa Ginn and family

Huon, Tasmania



Alice & Belinda Smith



Eva, Arthur, Belinda, Percy & Alice Smith


Alice, daughter of Thomas & Amelia Smith

marries Andrew, son of George & Louisa Ginn

Andrew & Alice Ginn






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