Thomas Fasham &
Margaret Routledge McAlpine





Tom & Maggie's Family

Back l to r: Millicent, Winifred, Hazel

Front: Mervin, Eric (on stool),Frances,

Olive ( on Frances' knee )



Tom & Maggie with children,

Fern Tree Gully
Boxing Day 1918


Maggie with children,

Frances, Eric and Winnie

Holiday House. Belgrave




Tom & Maggie with
, Winnie, Millie

Holiday House. Belgrave





Holiday House. Belgrave





Thomas Fasham inspecting horses

with the family watching on





Fine Family

Back : Winnie, Frances, Mervin, Millie

Front : Olive, Margaret, Eric, Thomas, Hazel


Young Adults

Frances, Mervin, Winnie, Millie, Hazel

Olive, Thomas Fasham, Margaret, Eric

Thomas Fasham with

Sunday School class






Tom & Maggie



A letter written by Tom Fasham to his wife Maggie in 1930 just shortly
before he unexpectedly died. Tom was in Maryborough when he wrote the letter

I am glad to hear the news about Millie & hope she will get
better just smartly, no broom & duster dodging, tell Ken he'd better
come up to Marybro & camp with Pa & cook his dinner
How is little Margaret I hope to have a good mate in her
in a year or so. Now I must close, give my love to all
not forgetting Louisa & Holdhard, Windy & Pat on the back
& lastly my dear little baby Ol, be very careful with her & keep her
feet well wrapped up so that she wont catch cold, give her 1 teaspoonful
soothing syrup(razor strap) every morning to keep her quiet during day
& tell her not to be running out these cold nights if she hears anyone
walking round the house, just let them take anything they want.
& if she dreams there is any one under the bed, ask her not to call out
she might wake the Baby --- How is baby you never mentioned
anything about her in your letter
Must close now 10 to 2 With best love to all
& Eva, & to your own dear self from

N.B The baby Tom refers to is granddaughter, Barbara Keogh


Thomas William Fasham

1872 ~ 1930


Margaret Routledge McAlpine

1874 ~ 1954



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