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William Spence McAlpine



William Spence McAlpine

1838 ~ 1925



Margaret Elliott

1837 ~ 1900




The "Royal Standard" in a collision with an
iceberg on its home voyage from Melbourne

Margaret travelled to Australia in 1866 on the "Royal Standard"
with her 1 year old son, William .

Her husband, William Spence McAlpine travelled
7 years later on the "Ben Cruachan"


The" Royal Standard" in

Hobson's Bay 1865







William Spence McAlpine's

immigration paper.

Arrived in Melbourne from Glasgow

15th December 1873. Age 35 years

on board the "Ben Cruachan"



"Ben Cruachan"






William Spence McAlpine marries Margaret Elliott

30th August, 1861

Glasgow, Scotland



William's parents, John McAlpine ( McAlpin on the document ) marries Margaret Spence

12th November, 1820

Linlithgow, Scotland



Edward Elliott


Margaret Elliott's brother,

Edward Elliott was a body guard

to Queen Victoria


Thomas Elliott



John McAlpine was the first born child to William Spence McAlpine & Margaret Elliott

John died in July 1863, at 11 months of age.


William McAlpine (2)

1865 ~ 1925

Second son of
William Spence McAlpine &
Margaret Elliott



William Spence McAlpine

born at 73 Maitland Street


26th Febuary, 1865




William Spence McAlpine & Jane Turner

are married on the 14th March, 1900

at Freemantle, Western Australia




Margaret Routledge McAlpine

1874 ~ 1954

Daughter, and third child of
William Spence McAlpine
& Margaret Elliott

Margaret was their only child born
in Australia






William Spence McAlpine & Margaret Elliott had three children together, William, Margaret and John who died as an infant.

During their marriage, William left to work the goldfields of Victoria and possibly Western Australia. After many years had passed with no word or contact from William, Margaret presumed he had died.

Margaret re-married a Frederick Lamont and had two children to him, Fred Lamont &
Jack Lamont.The 2 Lamont boys became very close stepbrother's to Margaret Routledge McAlpine.

After considerable years that Margaret had been re-married to Lamont, old William reappeared from the goldfields an caused a great turmoil in the family as Margaret & Frederick Lamont's marriage was now considered to be invalid and they were forced to seperate.

Margaret was facing the terrible choice of keeping the two Lamont boys or letting them live with their father, when Frederick Lamont died. Thus the boys stayed with their mother.

Margaret Elliott herself died in 1900 and was outlived by her first husband, William by 25 years.

William & Margaret's first son, William Spence also died in the same year as his father. 1925



Fred Lamont with wife Ada

Fred was son of Margaret Elliott & Frederick Lamont


William with son,daughter-in-law and four grandsons.

Back l to r: Eric Roy, William Spence (3), Norman Kenneth

Front: Jane Turner, William Spence (1), Colin Simpson, William Spence (2)


William Spence McAlpine was admitted to The Benevolent Asylum, Castlemaine
for General Debility in 1921 and stayed until his death in June 1925

The Benevolent Asylum, Castlemaine


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