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Winifred Easter Fasham c.1900



Winifred Easter Fasham marries Stanley Morton

Armadale Baptist Church 1938


Winifred Easter Fasham



Winifred's wedding day to Stanley Morton

Brides attendant, Margaret Fasham

Armadale Baptist Church 1938







Winnie with nephew Ken Keogh


Winnie at Windsor Castle 1938




Winnie with friend. England 1938




Winifred Easter Fasham 1899 ~ 1992


Winifred Easter Fasham

It was in the quiet country town of Koondrook on the Victorian-New South Wales boarder in November 1899 that Maggie Fasham, at the age of twenty-five, presented her husband Tom with their third lovely daughter. They named her Winifred Easter. It would be another 2 ½ years before Tom and Maggie would have their first son, so their girls were bringing them much joy.

Winnie received her middle name of Easter from her father’s grandmother, Emma, whose maiden name was Easter. Emma Easter was born in England in the early 1800’s and was the wife of the original Thomas Fasham who migrated to Australia in 1853. Thomas and Emma spent many happy years in Victoria with their descendants. Both are buried at Koondrook, Victoria.

It was only a matter of a couple of years after Winnie was born that her parents, Tom and Maggie, moved from Koondrook and for a short while lived in Bendigo. While in Bendigo in 1902 they had their first son, Mervin. Eventually the family found themselves living in and around Melbourne. While living in such areas as Sth Yarra and Toorak, Winnie attended Armadale State School.

Armadale State School c.1907

At an early age of around 15, Winnies first job was at C.M.Reads in Prahran, which proved to be good training for her over the next four years. From there she continued her career in the millinery trade, working for the likes of Stephens & Sons, Robert Reads, Caans and finally Hicks Atkinson in Collins St.

Chapel St Prahran showing the READ'S building
where Winnie worked about 1914



At Hicks Atkinson, Winnie spent many years in charge of their showroom and also being responsible for their buying.

By this stage, Winnie was part of a large and close family of four other sisters and two brothers.

It was in March of 1931, while out with her youngest sister Olive, that Winnie met a young Englishman, Stanley Morton, at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne.

Palais de Danse, St Kilda, with Luna Park in background

Their attraction for each other never ceased from that moment onwards and it was in January 1938, after many years of planning and saving, they married at the Armadale Baptist Church with Winnies young niece Margaret as sole attendant. Winnies loving father had passed away some years earlier so Winnie asked her mother Maggie to give her away.

Armadale Baptist Church

Win and Stan spent their honeymoon in England and Europe visiting Stan’s relatives. Win was also able to incorporate buying in London and Paris for her employer, Hicks Atkinson. It was only after many years of valuable service that
Win retired from the company in 1947.


Collins St Melbourne



After that time Win kept busy working in different areas and was the owner of her own business, The Treasure Tryst, in Collins St. There she stayed until her retirement in 1970.

Win and Stan lived a busy and fulfilling life and although having no children of their own, have always been surrounded by many of their nieces and nephews.
Win enjoyed a very happy and close marriage to her husband Stan until he passed away in September 1985.

The inscription on Win’s wedding ring reads:


Winifred Easter Fasham
16.11.1899 ~ 31.5.1992

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